Handheld Gaming PC Gets Price Cut on Amazon

The Lenovo Legion Go, a Windows-based handheld gaming PC competitor to the Steam Deck, is seeing its lowest price ever on Amazon. The 512GB model is currently listed for $579. 99, a significant drop from its $700 MSRP.

This price slash puts the Legion Go in closer competition with the Steam Deck, which starts at $549 for the 512GB version. Both devices offer powerful specs for on-the-go gaming, but the Legion Go boasts a larger display. Its 8. 8-inch 2560x1600 144Hz IPS touchscreen dwarfs the Steam Deck's 7-inch 1280x800 60Hz LCD. However, demanding games may require turning down resolution settings on the Legion Go to maintain smooth performance.

The Legion Go is powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor with Radeon graphics and 16GB of RAM, matching the configuration of the ASUS ROG Ally Z1 Extreme, another Steam Deck rival that recently received a price cut. This powerful combination allows the Legion Go to run a wide variety of PC games, including online multiplayer titles that aren't supported on the Steam Deck due to its Linux operating system.

Beyond its impressive display and specs, the Legion Go is praised for its ergonomic design. The large handheld is comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions, a crucial factor for any portable gaming device. It also offers easy access to popular PC gaming storefronts like Steam, PC Game Pass, and the Epic Games Store.

This price drop from Amazon could signal a shift in the handheld gaming PC market. With the Legion Go now more competitively priced, it offers a compelling alternative to the Steam Deck for gamers seeking a larger, higher-resolution display and access to a wider range of games through Windows. While the Steam Deck remains a strong contender with its lower starting price point, the Legion Go's recent discount makes it a serious consideration for those prioritizing performance and screen real estate.

Whether this price cut is a limited-time offer or a permanent adjustment remains to be seen. However, for gamers looking to jump into handheld PC gaming, the Legion Go's current price tag makes it an attractive option.

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