Freshworks Expands Middle Eastern Reach with New UAE Data Center

Freshworks, a customer service and IT software provider, announced the launch of a new data center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on June 27, 2024. This strategic move strengthens Freshworks' presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, aiming to simplify access to its modern, AI-powered solutions for businesses.

The data center, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), will serve as the hub for Freshworks' MEA operations. It will host the company's entire product portfolio for customers in 72 countries across the region. This geographic proximity will enhance service delivery and cater to businesses with regional data compliance requirements within the UAE.

"We are thrilled to further solidify our presence in the MEA region with the launch of our new data center in the UAE, " said Abe Smith, Chief of Global Field Operations at Freshworks. "This investment underscores our commitment to supporting the digital transformation journey of businesses across the region and empowering them to leverage the full potential of our AI-powered customer and employee service solutions. "

The partnership with AWS goes beyond just data center infrastructure. Freshworks will collaborate with AWS in joint go-to-market initiatives to reach a wider audience of potential customers in the MEA region. By combining Freshworks' industry-leading solutions with the expansive reach and proven reliability of AWS, businesses will benefit from a comprehensive and secure platform to enhance their customer and employee service operations.

This expansion caters to the growing demand for cloud-based solutions in the MEA region. As businesses increasingly embrace digital transformation initiatives, the need for secure and reliable data storage becomes paramount. Freshworks' new data center, coupled with its feature-rich suite of solutions, positions the company as a strong contender in the region's burgeoning cloud software market.

The strategic location of the data center in the UAE offers additional advantages. The UAE is a well-established business hub with a robust infrastructure, making it an ideal location to serve the broader MEA region. Additionally, the country's commitment to innovation and technological advancements aligns perfectly with Freshworks' vision of empowering businesses through cutting-edge solutions.

The launch of the new data center signifies Freshworks' long-term commitment to the MEA region. By providing businesses with improved access to its solutions and fostering regional partnerships, Freshworks is well-positioned to play a key role in shaping the future of customer and employee service across the Middle East and Africa.

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