Etihad Cargo and Kuehne+Nagel Partner for Smoother Booking Experience

Etihad Cargo, the cargo arm of Etihad Airways, has announced a significant step towards digitalization in its freight services. The company has integrated its eBooking platform directly with Kuehne+Nagel, a leading global logistics provider. This integration signifies a commitment to enhanced transparency, efficiency, and flexibility for Kuehne+Nagel and its clients.

The new system utilizes advanced web services designed collaboratively by both Etihad Cargo and Kuehne+Nagel. This allows Kuehne+Nagel seamless access to real-time information on capacity and pricing across Etihad Cargo's entire network. This real-time data empowers Kuehne+Nagel to make well-informed decisions regarding bookings, optimize their operations, and ultimately provide a superior service to their own customers.

"Etihad Cargo's integration with Kuehne+Nagel represents another milestone in the carrier's dedication to digital innovation and operational excellence, " said Stanislas Brun, Vice President Cargo at Etihad Cargo. He elaborated on the benefits for Kuehne+Nagel, stating, "By providing them with direct access to our network's real-time data, this integration strengthens their ability to make informed booking decisions, streamline operations, and ultimately deliver superior service to their customers. "

The move comes at a time when the air cargo industry is experiencing a period of transformation. E-commerce and globalization are driving a surge in demand for air freight, and both Etihad Cargo and Kuehne+Nagel recognize the need for efficient and agile solutions. This direct integration streamlines the booking process, eliminates manual data entry, and reduces the potential for errors. This translates to faster booking times, improved cargo visibility, and ultimately, a more reliable service for all parties involved.

The integration is expected to benefit not only Kuehne+Nagel and its vast client base but also Etihad Cargo itself. By offering a more user-friendly and efficient booking platform, Etihad Cargo can attract a wider range of freight forwarders and customers. The real-time data exchange also fosters better collaboration and planning between the two companies, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring a smoother flow of cargo across Etihad's network.

This partnership between Etihad Cargo and Kuehne+Nagel serves as a prime example of how digitalization is revolutionizing the air cargo industry. By embracing new technologies and fostering strategic collaborations, industry leaders can create a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric freight ecosystem.

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