Emirati Genome Project Partners with Saudi German Health for Wider Reach

The Emirati Genome Programme, a pioneering initiative to map the genetic makeup of UAE citizens, has joined forces with Saudi German Health, a leading healthcare provider, to expand its sample collection efforts across Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah. This collaboration aims to significantly boost public participation in the program, ultimately paving the way for advancements in preventative and personalized healthcare solutions for the UAE's population.

Dr. Ahmad Al Awadhi, Senior Community Outreach Director at the Emirati Genome Programme, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He highlighted the program's goal of collecting one million samples and emphasized that collaborating with Saudi German Hospitals would be instrumental in achieving this target. By establishing convenient collection sites at these prestigious medical facilities, the program anticipates a surge in awareness and citizen participation.

The Emirati Genome Programme is a pivotal component of the UAE's vision to position itself as a global leader in genomics research and innovation. The collected genetic data will be utilized to develop a comprehensive database that will serve as a foundation for future medical discoveries. This initiative holds immense potential to transform preventative healthcare in the UAE by enabling the identification of individuals with a predisposition to certain diseases. Early detection will allow for the implementation of targeted preventative measures, improving overall health outcomes for the nation's citizens.

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President of Saudi German Health, acknowledged the significance of the collaboration. He emphasized his organization's unwavering commitment to contributing positively to public health initiatives in the UAE. Saudi German Health will work closely with the Emirati Genome Programme's project management team to raise public awareness and facilitate sample collection across the Emirates.

The Emirati Genome Programme and Saudi German Health's collaboration represents a significant step forward in the UAE's pursuit of a future driven by personalized medicine. This strategic partnership will not only broaden the program's reach but also serve as a powerful symbol of the UAE's dedication to harnessing scientific advancements to improve the lives of its citizens.

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