Department of Health and Novartis Forge Alliance for Pioneering Genomics Research

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) and Novartis Middle East FZE have joined forces in a landmark partnership to propel advancements in genomics research, with a particular focus on oncology. This collaboration aims to develop innovative solutions and generate real-world data (RWD) to bolster precision medicine across various therapeutic areas.

The agreement, signed in the presence of Their Excellencies Abdulla Bin Mohamed Al Hamed, Chairman of DoH, and Georg Schroeckenfuchs, Head of Novartis Gulf and Saudi Country Group, leverages Abu Dhabi's strengths in genomics and its progressive regulatory framework for research. This paves the way for fruitful collaboration on future clinical trials and the generation of RWD, which is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of treatments in real-world settings.

This alliance between DoH and Novartis holds immense promise for accelerating the field of personalized medicine. By tailoring medical approaches to an individual's unique genetic makeup, precision medicine offers the potential for more effective and targeted treatments with fewer side effects. This collaboration will encompass a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, with the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes across a range of medical conditions.

A key aspect of the partnership is its support for the Emirati Genome Program, a pioneering initiative that sequences the genomes of UAE citizens. This program holds immense value for comprehending the genetic variations within the population and their influence on health. By delving deeper into this genetic information, researchers can gain valuable insights into disease predisposition and develop more effective preventive measures.

Furthermore, the collaboration between DoH and Novartis extends beyond the realm of research. The agreement also emphasizes raising public awareness about genetic and rare diseases. By educating the population about these conditions, the initiative strives to empower individuals to make informed healthcare decisions and seek timely diagnoses.

This groundbreaking partnership between the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Novartis represents a significant stride forward in the field of genomics research. By harnessing the strengths of both entities and fostering a collaborative environment, this alliance has the potential to revolutionize healthcare not only in Abu Dhabi but across the region and beyond.

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