Charity Provides Meals to Workers During Summer Heat

In a gesture of community support, the UAE-based charity Beit al Khair distributed 50, 000 meals to low-income workers throughout August. This initiative, launched under the charity's "Feeding Food" project, aimed to alleviate the burden faced by workers during the scorching summer months.

The "Feeding Food" project, established in collaboration with Emirates Islamic Bank, deployed two specialized vehicles to deliver meals to workers across the country. These meals, provided on a weekly basis, included nutritious food options, cold juices, and essential drinking water.

"Up to 5, 000 free meals were contributed every week, " said Abdeen Taher Al Awadhi, Beit al Khair's general manager, highlighting the scale of the project. Al Awadhi emphasized that the initiative aligned with the UAE's tradition of generosity and aimed to recognize the valuable contributions of blue-collar workers. He commended this segment of the workforce for their dedication, especially during the challenging summer season.

The project provided much-needed relief to workers, many of whom reside in labor camps and work long hours at construction sites. The scorching summer temperatures in the UAE can pose significant health risks, and ensuring proper hydration and access to nutritious meals is crucial during this time.

Beit al Khair's initiative serves as a commendable model for corporate social responsibility. The collaboration with Emirates Islamic Bank demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved when charitable organizations and financial institutions join forces. By providing essential support to low-income workers, Beit al Khair has not only addressed a critical need but also fostered a spirit of community and social solidarity within the UAE.

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