Callao Port Gains Efficiency Boost with $400 Million Expansion Project Completion

DP World, a leading global logistics provider, has finalized a significant expansion project at Peru's Callao Port. The Bicentennial Pier project, valued at $400 million, significantly enhances the port's container handling capacity and strengthens Callao's role as a vital trade gateway on South America's west coast.

The expansion extends the Bicentennial Pier from 650 meters to 1, 050 meters, enabling Callao to accommodate three vessels simultaneously – a feat achievable by only a handful of ports in South America. This increased capacity translates to a substantial 80% boost in container handling, streamlining cargo movement and expediting trade within the region.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, emphasized the project's significance, stating, "The Bicentennial Pier project represents a major milestone for us in Peru. Our $400 million investment underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting the economic growth of the region and solidifying Callao's position as a premier logistics hub. We are setting a new standard for sustainable port operations in South America and are proud to contribute to a greener future for Peru and global trade. "

The expansion is anticipated to have a positive ripple effect throughout Peru's economy. By improving cargo handling efficiency, the project will expedite import and export processes, potentially reducing logistics costs for businesses and consumers. Additionally, the increased capacity is expected to attract new shipping lines and businesses to Callao, fostering further economic development and creating job opportunities.

DP World's commitment to sustainability is also evident in the project's design. The company has incorporated environmentally friendly practices to minimize the expansion's environmental impact. Specific details regarding these sustainable measures have not yet been disclosed by DP World.

The completion of the Callao Port expansion project signifies a major step forward for Peru's trade capabilities and economic prospects. With its enhanced capacity and focus on sustainability, Callao is poised to become an even more crucial player in global trade, facilitating the movement of goods throughout South America and beyond.

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