Burjeel Holdings and Keralty Partner for Healthcare Expansion in the Middle East

The healthcare landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are poised for a transformation as Burjeel Holdings, a leading UAE-based healthcare provider, joins forces with Colombian multinational Keralty to establish a new healthcare brand, Al Kalma. This strategic joint venture signifies a significant development for both companies, aiming to revolutionize access to affordable and high-quality healthcare across the region.

Burjeel Holdings, known for its network of super-specialty hospitals in the UAE, brings its established presence and expertise in the MENA market to the table. Keralty, on the other hand, contributes its successful healthcare model, which prioritizes prevention, early detection, and cost-effective management of health risks. This unique blend of strengths promises to redefine healthcare delivery in the region.

The initial focus of Al Kalma will be on Saudi Arabia, a nation with a rapidly growing population and a rising demand for accessible healthcare solutions. Through the establishment of specialized primary care centers, Al Kalma aims to bridge the gap between patients and essential medical services. This approach aligns with the Saudi government's healthcare transformation initiatives, which emphasize preventative measures and increased accessibility.

Beyond primary care, Al Kalma recognizes the growing importance of mental health services in the region. The joint venture plans to integrate mental health services into its offerings, acknowledging the rising prevalence of mental health concerns and the need for comprehensive care. This commitment reflects a progressive approach to healthcare, addressing the well-being of individuals holistically.

The partnership between Burjeel Holdings and Keralty extends beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. Al Kalma has ambitious expansion plans, targeting the United Arab Emirates and other nations within the MENA region. With the potential to reach nearly 30 million patients, the joint venture aspires to create a truly integrated healthcare ecosystem across the region.

The establishment of Al Kalma presents a significant opportunity for both Burjeel Holdings and Keralty. By leveraging their combined expertise and market knowledge, the joint venture has the potential to disrupt the healthcare landscape in the MENA region, offering patients a more affordable, accessible, and holistic healthcare experience. The success of Al Kalma will be closely monitored, as it could pave the way for further collaborations and advancements in regional healthcare delivery.

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