Al-Dahak Emphasizes Link Between Food Safety and National Security

Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, the UAE's Minister of Climate Change and Environment, recently underscored the critical role of food safety in strengthening the nation's food security. Her comments came in a statement issued to mark World Food Safety Day, observed annually on June 7th.

Al-Dahak highlighted the importance of ensuring access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food for all citizens and residents. This focus on food safety, she explained, aligns with the UAE's National Food Security Strategy, which aims to guarantee a steady supply of food throughout the year.

Maintaining the highest food safety standards across the entire food chain is paramount to achieving this goal, Al-Dahak emphasized. The UAE, she noted, has already established a robust integrated food control system through collaboration with various stakeholders. This system ensures that food production, processing, storage, transportation, and distribution adhere to stringent safety protocols.

Al-Dahak's statement comes at a time when food security is a growing global concern. Climate change, population rise, and geopolitical tensions all pose potential threats to food production and distribution systems. In this context, ensuring food safety becomes even more critical. Foodborne illnesses can have devastating consequences, not only for public health but also for national economies. Contaminated food can disrupt supply chains, reduce consumer confidence, and lead to financial losses.

By prioritizing food safety, the UAE is taking a proactive approach to safeguarding its food security. The country's integrated food control system helps to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain consumer trust in the food supply chain. This, in turn, contributes to a more stable and resilient food system, which is essential for ensuring long-term food security.

Al-Dahak's emphasis on food safety reflects a growing global recognition of the interconnectedness between food safety and food security. International organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), are working together to promote food safety standards around the world.

The UAE's commitment to food safety serves as a model for other countries striving to achieve food security. By investing in robust food control systems and promoting a culture of food safety awareness, nations can create a more secure and sustainable food system for their citizens.

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