Al Ain Police Officers Club Hosts Annual Women's Forum

The Al Ain Police Officers Club is fostering a platform for dialogue and empowerment with its annual Women's Forum. This year's edition, launched in late June 2021, reflects the Abu Dhabi Police's commitment to community engagement and social cohesion.

Lieutenant Colonel Huda Ghareeb Al Shamesi, Head of Women Police at the Al Ain Police Directorate, emphasized the leadership's dedication to women's advancement during the forum's launch. The year-long event aimed to connect with various segments of society, promoting family unity, social solidarity, and public trust in the police.

The forum transcended the traditional conference format, offering a diverse range of activities. Attendees, including representatives from government bodies and community organizations, participated in workshops, lectures, and discussions.

The Al Ain Businesswomen Branch, for instance, provided valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Al Ain Club for the Handicapped distributed informative materials, raising awareness about inclusivity. Healthcare professionals from Al Ain Government Hospital offered free medical checkups and educational talks on diabetes prevention.

The forum wasn't limited to serious topics. Organizers incorporated lighter activities like chess competitions for women and children, fostering a spirit of friendly competition. The inclusion of an operetta performed by students from the Al Laalia Model School and an art exhibition showcased the talents of young women in the community.

This multifaceted approach ensured the forum catered to a wide range of interests. The combination of informative sessions, social interaction, and artistic expression created a well-rounded experience for participants.

The Al Ain Police Officers Club's initiative highlights the evolving role of police forces in the UAE. By stepping beyond traditional law enforcement duties and fostering community engagement, the forum demonstrates the Abu Dhabi Police's commitment to social development and women's empowerment.

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