AI Pin's Charging Case Gets the Plug Pulled Due to Fire Risk

AI startup Humane is urging caution with a critical component of its AI Pin earbud device. The company issued a warning to customers on Wednesday, advising them to immediately stop using the charging case due to a potential fire hazard.

Humane emphasizes prioritizing customer safety, prompting this proactive measure. The warning stems from a single customer report of a charging issue with the case. This triggered an investigation that uncovered a quality concern with the battery cells used in the charging case. These cells are supplied by a third-party vendor.

"Out of an abundance of caution, " as stated in an email sent to AI Pin owners, Humane is requesting users to discontinue using the charging case. The company has assured customers that the AI Pin device itself, the magnetic Battery Booster, and the charging pad are not affected by this issue and remain safe to use.

While there haven't been any reported fire incidents involving the charging case, Humane is taking a serious approach to the potential risk. Their investigation concluded that "certain battery cells supplied by this vendor may pose a fire safety risk, " according to the email viewed by TechCrunch.

The faulty batteries have led Humane to sever ties with the supplier in question. They are actively searching for a new source to ensure the safety of their products moving forward. As a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience, affected users will receive a complimentary two-month subscription to the AI Pin service, valued at $48.

This incident comes amidst a challenging launch period for the AI Pin. The high-priced earbud device has faced criticism for various issues, and this safety concern adds another layer of complexity for the startup.

Humane has not yet disclosed any details about a replacement program for the faulty charging cases. However, they have assured customers that they will receive further information once their investigation reaches a conclusion.

In the meantime, AI Pin users are advised to exercise caution and refrain from using the charging case until a resolution is available. Alternative charging methods, such as the included charging pad, can be used safely with the AI Pin device.

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