ADNOC Distribution Revamps Engine Oil Portfolio with Enhanced ADNOC Voyager Range

ADNOC Distribution, the United Arab Emirates' leading fuel and convenience retailer, has announced the return of its well-regarded ADNOC Voyager line of engine oils. This relaunch signifies ADNOC Distribution's commitment to providing high-performance lubricants catering to a wider spectrum of vehicles and diverse weather conditions.

The reformulated ADNOC Voyager boasts an advanced combination of premium base oils and meticulously balanced additives. This composition goes beyond merely preventing metal-to-metal contact. It forms a robust protective layer around the engine, safeguarding it from wear, rust, and corrosion. The lubricant's exceptional oxidation stability allows engines to perform optimally under high temperatures and extended periods of use.

"We've reintroduced the ADNOC Voyager range to bridge the gap in the market for high-performance lubricants and solidify our position as a leader in the UAE's lubricant industry, " remarked Khalid Hadi, ADNOC Distribution's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications. "Developed in accordance with the newest international specifications, the relaunched Voyager addresses the evolving needs of today's drivers. The lubricant has undergone rigorous testing in extreme temperatures and across various engine types to ensure dependability in diverse weather conditions and compatibility with a multitude of vehicles. "

ADNOC Voyager bottles sport a unique shroud closure system, a first of its kind in the UAE. This design serves as a tamper-evident feature and prevents refilling after opening, guaranteeing the product's authenticity and quality. The lubricants are produced at ADNOC Distribution's cutting-edge lubricant manufacturing facility.

The relaunched ADNOC Voyager caters to a wider range of vehicles than before. The lineup encompasses a variety of engine oil viscosities, which are crucial for optimal engine performance in varying weather conditions. Customers can select the most suitable viscosity grade based on their vehicle's specifications and the prevailing climate.

ADNOC Distribution's commitment to innovation extends beyond the product itself. The company is actively broadening its distribution network to make ADNOC Voyager more accessible to customers across the UAE. The lubricants are available at ADNOC Distribution service stations, authorized lubricant change centers, and dealers throughout the country.

The return of the ADNOC Voyager line underscores ADNOC Distribution's dedication to providing UAE motorists with premium engine oil solutions that safeguard their vehicles and enhance performance. By delivering a wider selection of lubricants formulated for diverse weather conditions and a broader range of vehicles, ADNOC Distribution positions itself as a frontrunner in the UAE's automotive lubricant market.

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