Acino Ramps Up Dubai Facility for Local and Global Reach

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Acino is setting its sights on a two-pronged growth strategy:boosting its presence within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and amplifying its export footprint, all facilitated by its Dubai Science Park facility. This move comes after ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company, acquired Acino in 2021.

Acino's optimism stems from the UAE's flourishing pharmaceutical market, which has attracted significant investments and witnessed a surge in interest for domestically produced medicines. The company aims to capitalize on this trend by leveraging its Dubai facility.

Mansoor Meenai, Acino's Interim Head of Region for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, highlighted the company's commitment to localization. "We've been focusing on emerging markets, and the Middle East is a key region for us, " Meenai explained. "We have active plans not just for the GCC markets but beyond. "

The company's Dubai facility, spanning 1, 300 square meters, boasts an impressive annual production capacity – over 250 million tablets and 87 million capsules. Acino prioritizes cutting-edge technology within its facility, employing top-of-the-line European equipment for capsulation, tableting, and quality control processes.

Sustainability is another pillar of Acino's strategy. The company is dedicated to optimizing energy usage and minimizing overall consumption within its Dubai operations. This commitment aligns with the UAE's growing focus on environmental responsibility.

Acino's expansion plans come at a time when the UAE aspires to bridge the gap between pharmaceutical imports and exports. According to data from the UAE Federal Customs Authority, pharmaceutical imports in 2020 amounted to a staggering $8. 2 billion, while exports remained significantly lower at $542 million in 2022. Experts believe that robust private sector participation, like Acino's expansion, is crucial to addressing this imbalance.

By prioritizing both local growth and export expansion from its Dubai facility, Acino positions itself as a key player in the UAE's pharmaceutical sector. The company's focus on localization, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability positions it to make a significant contribution to the country's ambitions of pharmaceutical self-sufficiency.

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