Abu Dhabi Fund Makes Strategic Investment in US Tech Investor

The Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners (ADCP), an investment firm backed by Mubadala Investment Company, the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi, announced a strategic investment in Haveli Investments, a US-based private equity firm specializing in enterprise software and gaming. This collaboration between the two entities strengthens ties between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States in the technology sector.

The ADCP, a joint venture between Mubadala Capital and Alpha Wave Global, is a $1. 65 billion fund designed to foster the growth of Abu Dhabi's Global Market (ADGM) as a leading financial hub. By investing in Haveli, the ADCP aims to leverage the US firm's expertise in high-growth technology sectors.

Haveli, which recently partnered with the New York Stock Exchange-listed alternative asset manager Apollo Global Management, stands to benefit from the ADCP's investment by expanding its operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The investment will enable Haveli to establish its first international office at the ADGM, staffed by a team of software and gaming investment professionals. This expansion will significantly increase Haveli's global reach and presence.

The ADCP's investment aligns with Abu Dhabi's strategic goals of economic diversification and technological advancement. By backing innovative companies like Haveli, the ADCP contributes to the emirate's efforts to establish itself as a hub for technology investment and development. The investment is also a testament to the growing prominence of the ADGM as a financial center, attracting international companies seeking to tap into the UAE's dynamic market.

Haveli's area of focus aligns perfectly with Abu Dhabi's ambitions. The emirate has been actively investing in building a robust technology infrastructure and fostering a culture of innovation. The recent investment by ADCP is a signal of its commitment to propelling the growth of its enterprise software and gaming sectors.

The collaboration between the ADCP and Haveli presents a mutually beneficial partnership. Haveli gains a strategic foothold in the Middle East, while the ADCP gains access to Haveli's expertise in identifying and investing in promising technology companies. This partnership is likely to play a significant role in fostering innovation and propelling technological growth in both the UAE and the US.

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