Abu Dhabi Expat Wins Big in Dubai Duty Free Raffle

An Indian resident of Abu Dhabi, Khaliq Naik Mohammed, became an instant millionaire after winning the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw. The lucky winner, a 48-year-old engineer and instructor at Khalifa University, purchased the life-changing ticket online just two weeks before the draw.

Mohammed, who has lived in Abu Dhabi since 2012, had been participating in the Dubai Duty Free promotion for four years. His perseverance paid off when his ticket number, 3813, was drawn at the latest Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw held at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport.

This windfall comes as a welcome surprise for Mohammed, who is a father of three. He expressed his gratitude to Dubai Duty Free, stating, "This is really great; thank you so much!"

The Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw is a highly popular promotion that offers participants the chance to win a staggering $1 million. Tickets can be purchased online or at Dubai Duty Free counters located within the Dubai International Airport. With a small investment, hopeful participants stand the chance of becoming millionaires overnight.

The Millennium Millionaire draw is just one of the many exciting promotions offered by Dubai Duty Free. The Finest Surprise draw, held alongside the Millennium Millionaire draw, offers participants the opportunity to win luxury cars and motorbikes. In the latest draw, a Pakistani resident of Dubai, Nazeer E. , won a Mercedes Benz S500, while Kevin DSouza, a Portuguese pilot residing in Dubai, secured a BMW S 1000 R motorbike.

Dubai Duty Free is a major contributor to the Dubai economy, with its revenue channelled towards various government initiatives and community projects. The organization has become synonymous with luxury shopping and exciting giveaways, attracting both residents and tourists to participate in its promotional draws.

Mohammed's win is a testament to the life-changing possibilities offered by Dubai Duty Free's Millennium Millionaire draw. His story is likely to inspire many others to try their luck at becoming the next big winner.

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