2025 Celebrates Emirati Poet Sultan Al Owais's Centenary

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will embark on a year-long celebration in 2025 to honor the centenary of revered Emirati poet Sultan Al Owais. A giant of Emirati literature, Al Owais's poignant verses continue to stir emotions in readers across generations. The program promises a rich tapestry of cultural events and activities designed to both celebrate his legacy and introduce his works to a new audience.

Spearheaded by the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, the celebratory program will encompass a range of initiatives. Art exhibitions showcasing the themes and influences that colored Al Owais's poetry are planned. These exhibitions will provide a platform for both established and emerging Emirati artists to interpret Al Owais's works through their creative mediums.

Documentary films exploring Al Owais's life and literary contributions are another key element of the program. These documentaries promise to delve into the poet's personal journey and creative process, offering viewers a deeper appreciation for his work.

The program also aims to introduce Al Owais's poetry to younger generations. Illustrated children's books featuring captivating visuals alongside excerpts from his poems are in development. Additionally, educational workshops and school programs designed to engage students with Al Owais's work are planned.

Furthermore, the program will feature a series of poetry recitation evenings. These evenings will see renowned Emirati and Arab reciters bring Al Owais's verses to life, allowing audiences to experience the power and beauty of his language.

The UAE's rich tradition of storytelling will also be woven into the celebratory program. Traditional storytellers, known as hakawatis, will be invited to perform special pieces inspired by Al Owais's poems. These captivating performances promise to introduce a new dimension to the poet's work.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, a series of special stamps and commemorative coins featuring Al Owais's likeness are planned. These collector's items will serve as a lasting tribute to the poet's enduring legacy.

The year-long celebration is a testament to the UAE's commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and promoting Emirati literature on a global stage. By introducing Al Owais's powerful verses to a wider audience, the program promises to inspire future generations of poets and readers.

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