Zambian Cable Manufacturer Makes Dubai Hub for Global Push

Neelkanth Cables, a leading Zambian manufacturer of electrical cables, has set its sights on global expansion with the inauguration of a brand new $35. 4 million factory in Dubai Industrial City. The state-of-the-art facility, representing a significant investment of 130 million UAE dirhams, marks a major step forward for the company's international ambitions.

Spanning an impressive 503, 000 square feet, the new factory will be a hive of industrial activity, producing low- and medium-voltage conductors and instrumentation cables. The plant boasts a targeted throughput of 20, 000 metric tonnes (MT) annually, with a breakdown of 13, 000 MT of copper and 7, 000 MT of aluminum power cables. This substantial production capacity positions Neelkanth Cables to be a major player in the regional cable market.

Dubai Industrial City, a strategic choice for Neelkanth Cables, is a well-established industrial and logistics hub. The location provides the company with a central base for reaching new markets across the globe. Furthermore, the factory benefits from the robust infrastructure and streamlined business processes offered by Dubai Industrial City, allowing Neelkanth Cables to focus on efficient production and high-quality products.

Neelkanth Cables' commitment to innovation is evident in its integration of cutting-edge technologies within the new facility. Programmable logic controllers and other advanced equipment will ensure precision and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. This focus on technological advancement aligns with the UAE's National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, highlighting Neelkanth Cables' contribution to the region's industrial development.

The opening of the new factory signifies not only Neelkanth Cables' expansion plans but also its dedication to the UAE's manufacturing sector. The company has pledged to allocate resources towards research and development, infrastructure improvements, and employee welfare. With a workforce of 200 people, the factory is poised to create significant job opportunities and contribute to the UAE's economic growth.

Neelkanth Cables' expansion into Dubai Industrial City is a testament to the growing importance of the UAE as a manufacturing and logistics hub. The company's strategic investment is likely to be a springboard for further international expansion, solidifying its position as a key player in the global cable market.

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