Women-Led Startups Soar After Investment Readiness Program

The future is looking bright for seventeen innovative companies led by women entrepreneurs. These ventures graduated from the Investment Readiness Acceleration Programme, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Economy and the European Women's Association (EWA). Launched earlier this year, the program aimed to empower female-founded startups by equipping them with the tools and knowledge to secure investment and propel their businesses forward.

A highly selective process saw the program receive applications from over 200 ventures. A committee comprised of venture capital and private equity experts meticulously evaluated the proposals, ultimately selecting the top seventeen for intensive training and mentorship. The program provided participants with invaluable insights into the world of investment, from crafting compelling pitches to navigating the intricacies of financial due diligence.

The graduating cohort represents a diverse range of industries, showcasing the breadth and depth of female-led innovation. From Zidyia, a company revolutionizing personalized learning experiences for both educators and students, to The Food Engine, a trailblazer in sustainable agricultural practices, the program fostered a vibrant ecosystem brimming with potential.

The culmination of the program saw not only the graduation of seventeen future-focused ventures, but also the recognition of three particularly outstanding companies. Zidyia, with its commitment to educational equity, Diagnio, a champion of women's health management solutions, and The Food Engine, a leader in the fight for a more sustainable food system, were each awarded significant cash prizes from the GETVISION family office. These awards serve as a testament to the exceptional achievements of these companies and the transformative power of the program.

The Investment Readiness Acceleration Programme marks a significant milestone in fostering a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. By empowering women-led startups with the resources and knowledge to secure investment, the program paves the way for a more vibrant and diverse business ecosystem. With these seventeen ventures poised for growth, the future holds immense promise for innovation and progress driven by female leadership.

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