UAE, Yemen Foreign Ministers Confer on Strengthening Ties

On May 23, 2024, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan met with his Yemeni counterpart, Dr. Shaya Mohsin Zindani, in Abu Dhabi. The meeting served as an opportunity to welcome Dr. Zindani to his new position and explore avenues for enhanced collaboration between the two nations.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed expressed warm wishes to Dr. Zindani and emphasized the longstanding and positive relations between the UAE and Yemen. He reiterated the UAE's unwavering support for Yemen's stability, development, and prosperity.

The discussion between the two ministers focused on identifying potential areas of mutual cooperation across various sectors. They acknowledged the importance of strengthening bilateral ties for the benefit of both countries' citizens. Specific details about the sectors identified for collaboration were not made public.

The UAE has played a significant role in humanitarian and reconstruction efforts in Yemen throughout the ongoing conflict. The UAE's commitment to Yemeni security and development was reaffirmed during the meeting.

Both Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed and Dr. Zindani also exchanged views on current regional and international issues of shared concern. The specific nature of these issues was not disclosed. However, it is likely that the ongoing conflict in Yemen and its regional implications featured prominently in the discussion.

The UAE has been a vocal advocate for a peaceful resolution to the Yemeni crisis and has actively participated in international efforts to find a sustainable solution. It is expected that the UAE will continue to play a vital role in supporting Yemen's path towards peace and stability.

The meeting between the two foreign ministers signifies the UAE's commitment to maintaining strong ties with Yemen and its ongoing support for the war-torn nation. The discussions are expected to pave the way for further collaboration on various fronts, contributing to the well-being and prosperity of both countries.

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