UAE Sends Over 264 Tonnes of Aid to Gaza Strip

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) delivered a significant shipment of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday as part of its ongoing "Operation Chivalrous Knight 3" initiative.A twelve-truck convoy carrying essential supplies including food,water,and dates crossed into Gaza through the Egyptian Rafah Crossing Point.

This latest contribution brings the total amount of aid delivered by the UAE to Gaza under "Operation Chivalrous Knight 3" to over 22,436 tonnes.The extensive aid program has utilized a variety of methods to deliver critical supplies to the Palestinian people,including 220 cargo planes,three cargo ships,and even airdrops via the "Birds of Goodness" operation,which has delivered 3,000 tonnes of aid to isolated areas.

The UAE's commitment to supporting the people of Gaza extends beyond just providing basic necessities.The Emirati field hospital set up in Gaza has treated over 18,970 patients since its establishment,with critically ill patients being transferred for further treatment at the UAE's Floating Hospital in Al-Arish Port or even flown directly to the UAE for specialized care.

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip remains dire,with ongoing political instability and economic hardship creating significant challenges for the territory's residents.The UAE's substantial aid contributions provide much-needed relief to the people of Gaza and demonstrate the country's commitment to supporting Palestinians.

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