UAE Minister Declares Outrage After Violence Against Slovakian Leader

The United Arab Emirates' Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, issued a firm condemnation on Wednesday following a violent attack targeting Slovakia's Prime Minister, Robert Fico.

Sheikh Abdullah expressed deep sorrow upon learning of the incident and extended his most heartfelt wishes for Prime Minister Fico's full and swift recovery. A statement released by the Ministry emphasized the UAE's unwavering solidarity with Prime Minister Fico's family, the Slovakian government, and the nation's people.

The Minister's condemnation extended beyond offering well wishes. The statement also reaffirmed the UAE's absolute rejection of all forms of violence and its categorical denunciation of such heinous acts fueled by extremism.

News of the attack on Prime Minister Fico sent shockwaves through the international community. According to reports, the Prime Minister was shot near the Slovakian Parliament building. While details regarding the motive and the attacker's identity remain unclear, Slovakian authorities have confirmed that the Prime Minister is in stable condition and receiving medical treatment.

The attack has drawn widespread condemnation from world leaders, with many echoing Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed's sentiments. Leaders have expressed their support for the Slovakian government and its people during this critical time.

The incident has cast a spotlight on the issue of political violence, a concern that transcends national borders. The international community is now awaiting further developments from the Slovakian government as the investigation into the attack progresses.

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