UAE Leads the Way in Security at Global Exhibition

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerged as a frontrunner in security solutions at the recently concluded International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) in Abu Dhabi. The event, held under the patronage of Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, served as a platform for domestic companies to showcase their latest advancements in safeguarding national interests.

ISNR 2024, the largest edition in the exhibition's history, brought together over 210 exhibitors representing a significant rise in participation compared to previous years. The focus of the event revolved around four key areas: national security, cybersecurity, law enforcement, and protection of vital facilities.

A prominent aspect of ISNR 2024 was the Emirates Defence Companies Council (EDCC) pavilion. Here, leading UAE entities like Saab, Avantgarde, and CAE displayed cutting-edge systems designed to mitigate security risks. Avantgarde, a first-time participant, highlighted the significance of the exhibition in providing a platform to introduce their newest security technologies.

Beyond individual companies, Emirati organizations like the Emirates Gateway Security Services (EGSS) also actively participated. EGSS, owned by Alpha Dhabi Holding, presented its security solutions that prioritize innovation and excellence. Their offerings included specialized training programs, advanced technological tools, and strategic consulting services tailored to meet the evolving needs of global defense and security.

The ISNR 2024 not only served as a showcase for domestic innovation but also fostered international collaboration. The event aimed to strengthen ties between UAE organizations and their global counterparts, promoting knowledge sharing and the development of improved security measures. Organizers emphasized the role of ISNR as a platform to discuss critical trends in national security, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. These discussions were aimed at bolstering risk-prevention strategies and maintaining stability on a global scale.

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