UAE Denounces Kenya Border Attack

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) vehemently condemned a recent terrorist attack in Kenya's Mandera County situated along the nation's northern border. The assault resulted in casualties, leaving a number of innocent people dead and injured.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the UAE denounced the act as a criminal offense and expressed its unwavering opposition to all forms of violence and terrorism that destabilize peace and security, violating international law.

The MoFA offered its sincere condolences to the Kenyan government, the victims' families, and the people of Kenya. They extended their well wishes for a swift recovery to all those wounded in the heinous attack.

This condemnation reflects the UAE's firm stance against terrorism, recognizing its global threat to peace and stability. The nation has actively participated in international efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism.

Kenya has long faced security challenges along its northern border, where extremist groups operate. The recent attack serves as a grim reminder of the ongoing fight against violent extremism in the region.

The UAE and Kenya share a strong bilateral relationship, with cooperation on various fronts including trade, investment, and security. The UAE has been a significant provider of humanitarian aid to Kenya, supporting the nation's development goals.

This recent attack is likely to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries in combating terrorism. The UAE's condemnation serves as a message of solidarity with Kenya during this challenging time.

It remains unclear who carried out the attack, and investigations are ongoing. Kenyan authorities are working to apprehend those responsible and bring them to justice.

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