UAE Delivers Relief Supplies to Syria via Latakia Port

In an effort to bolster Syria's recovery from a devastating earthquake earlier this year,the United Arab Emirates (UAE) dispatched a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Latakia port.The ship,delivered by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC),docked on April 16,2023,marking the third installment of UAE's post-earthquake relief mission,codenamed "Operation Gallant Knight 2."

The largest aid shipment of its kind to reach Syria,the vessel carried over 2,215 tonnes of essential supplies.This critical cargo included more than 1,392 tonnes of food provisions,822.5 tonnes of medical and relief aid,and 685 tonnes of building materials.

This humanitarian intervention by the UAE comes in response to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Syria in February 2023.The quake caused widespread damage to infrastructure and displaced countless people.The UAE,a longstanding partner of Syria,moved swiftly to provide emergency assistance in the wake of the disaster.

"Operation Gallant Knight 2" reflects the UAE's unwavering commitment to supporting nations in need.Hammoud Abdullah Al Junaibi,Acting Secretary-General of the ERC,emphasized the UAE's dedication to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.He stated that this aid shipment is part of the UAE's ongoing efforts to mitigate the aftereffects of the earthquake and bolster Syria's reconstruction endeavors.

The ERC's humanitarian mission plays a pivotal role in assisting Syrian communities rebuild their lives.The delivery of food parcels,medical supplies,and building materials will provide much-needed support to the most vulnerable segments of the Syrian population.The UAE's aid contributions are expected to have a significant impact on the recovery process,enabling Syrians to restore normalcy to their lives.

The UAE's humanitarian intervention in Syria is a testament to the nation's unwavering commitment to international cooperation and its dedication to promoting global peace and stability.By extending a helping hand to Syria during this challenging time,the UAE exemplifies the importance of international solidarity in the face of adversity.

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