UAE Delivers Fresh Aid Shipment to Gaza Strip

A 12-truck convoy carrying over 264 tonnes of humanitarian aid arrived in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.The delivery,part of the United Arab Emirates' "Operation Chivalrous Knight 3" initiative,is aimed at alleviating the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestinians in the territory.

The convoy,which entered Gaza through the Egyptian Rafah Crossing Point,brought essential supplies such as food,water,and dates.This shipment marks the latest in a series of ongoing efforts by the UAE to support the Palestinian people.As of May 1,2024,Operation Chivalrous Knight 3 has delivered a total of 22,436 tonnes of aid to Gaza.This aid has arrived through various means,including 220 cargo planes,three cargo ships,and now 440 trucks.

Beyond ground deliveries,the UAE has also implemented "Operation Birds of Goodness," which involves airdropping humanitarian supplies to remote and inaccessible areas within Gaza.Through 43 airdrops,this operation has delivered an additional 3,000 tonnes of food and relief materials.

The UAE's commitment to Gaza extends beyond immediate humanitarian needs.The country has established a field hospital within Gaza,where medical staff have treated over 18,970 patients since its opening.Additionally,152 patients have been evacuated for further treatment at the UAE's Floating Hospital in Al-Arish Port,while another 166 have been transferred to the UAE itself for specialized care.

The arrival of the Emirati aid convoy comes at a critical time for Gaza,where residents continue to face a challenging humanitarian situation.The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict,coupled with restricted movement of goods and people,has resulted in shortages of essential supplies and hampered economic development.

The UAE's humanitarian efforts have been welcomed by the Palestinian Authority.The Palestinian Ministry of Health has expressed its gratitude for the UAE's ongoing support,which plays a vital role in assisting the Palestinian people.

The international community has also commended the UAE's commitment to providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has acknowledged the UAE's significant contributions and urged other countries to follow suit in supporting the Palestinian people.

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