UAE Delegation Joins G20 Sherpa Discussions in India

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) actively participated in the inaugural G20 Sherpa Meeting held in Udaipur,India,from December 4th to 6th,2022.This marked the second consecutive year that the UAE attended the G20 Sherpa Meeting as a guest invitee.The G20 Sherpa Meetings serve as preparatory sessions for the G20 Summit,bringing together representatives from member countries to discuss priorities and pave the way for fruitful discussions among leaders.

The UAE delegation,led by His Excellency Ahmed bin Ali Al Sayegh,Minister of State and UAE Sherpa to the G20 process,engaged in constructive dialogue on the agenda set by the Indian Presidency.The agenda focused on key global issues such as sustainable development,climate change,and digital transformation.The UAE shared its perspective and highlighted its ongoing efforts in these crucial areas.

During the meeting,the UAE delegation actively participated in the deliberations of the Sustainable Finance Working Group.The UAE has established itself as a global leader in sustainable finance,and its participation in this working group was particularly significant.The delegation shared the UAE's experience in mobilizing financing for climate action and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UAE delegation also participated in discussions on the G20's role in fostering international cooperation on digital transformation.The UAE has made significant strides in developing its digital infrastructure and establishing itself as a hub for innovation.The delegation's participation in these discussions aimed to contribute to the G20's efforts in promoting responsible and inclusive digital transformation for the benefit of all member countries.

India's G20 Presidency prioritized inclusivity,and the UAE's participation as a guest country reflected this commitment.The UAE's presence at the Sherpa meeting provided a valuable opportunity for the country to contribute its unique perspective and expertise to the G20 discussions.The UAE's active engagement is a testament to its growing role on the world stage and its commitment to working with the international community to address global challenges.

Beyond the specific issues addressed,the UAE's participation in the G20 Sherpa Meeting served to strengthen its diplomatic ties with India and other G20 member countries.The UAE's active involvement in these preparatory discussions lays the groundwork for a productive G20 Summit,where leaders can build upon the progress made by Sherpas and forge collaborative solutions to pressing global concerns.

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