UAE Central Bank Boasts Monumental Balance Sheet Growth

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) announced a financial milestone, with its balance sheet reaching a record AED 750 billion (approximately USD 204 billion) by the end of February 2024. This achievement signifies a robust 32.5% surge compared to February 2023, highlighting the UAE's burgeoning financial strength.

The CBUAE's balance sheet report, released in late April, detailed a significant increase in its general budget. By February's close, the budget stood at AED 747.62 billion, a substantial leap from AED 564.25 billion recorded in the same period last year. This growth translates to an impressive AED 183.4 billion year-on-year.

The report further indicated a steady upward trend on a month-to-month basis. The CBUAE's balance sheet expanded by 1.8% or AED 13 billion in February compared to AED 734.61 billion in January 2024. This consistent growth underscores the bank's adept financial management and strategic asset allocation strategies.

Delving deeper into the CBUAE's asset composition, the report reveals a diversified portfolio. Cash and bank balances constituted a significant portion, reaching AED 321.21 billion in February. Investments followed closely at approximately AED 219.75 billion, reflecting the bank's commitment to long-term financial security. Deposits held by the CBUAE amounted to AED 174.27 billion, while loans and advances stood at AED 1.83 billion. Rounding out the asset portfolio were other holdings valued at AED 30.56 billion.

The CBUAE's liabilities and capital structure also witnessed significant growth. Current and deposit accounts held by government entities and other stakeholders reached AED 318.46 billion. Treasury bills and Islamic certificates of deposit issued by the bank amounted to around AED 257 billion. Circulating banknotes and coins totaled AED 139.36 billion, facilitating domestic transactions within the UAE. Capital and reserves held by the CBUAE stood at a robust AED 16.98 billion, demonstrating the bank's strong financial footing. Rounding out the liabilities and capital section were other obligations valued at AED 5.82 billion.

This exceptional growth in the CBUAE's balance sheet is attributed to several factors. The ongoing rise in global oil prices has significantly boosted the UAE's oil revenues, contributing to a stronger national economy. Additionally, the UAE's strategic diversification efforts into non-oil sectors, such as tourism and technology, have yielded positive results, further solidifying the nation's financial standing.

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