Trade Mission Set to Bolster Business Ties in Senegal and Morocco

The Dubai International Chamber (DIC), a key player under the Dubai Chambers umbrella, is gearing up for a vital trade mission to Senegal and Morocco. Scheduled for June 3rd to 7th, 2024, this African roadshow falls under the chamber's "New Horizons" initiative, specifically designed to empower Dubai-based businesses to expand into promising global markets.

This mission serves a dual purpose:fostering stronger business partnerships between Dubai and the two African nations, and unlocking lucrative opportunities for Dubai's vibrant private sector. The delegation will engage in a series of meetings with key stakeholders in both Senegal and Morocco, paving the way for potential collaborations, market expansion, and the forging of new trade and investment agreements.

Prior to the mission, delegates were furnished with in-depth briefings on the specifics of the trip, along with comprehensive market intelligence and economic data for Senegal and Morocco. This ensures a well-equipped delegation, prepared to navigate the intricacies of each market and maximize the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships.

"Our primary focus, " asserted Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, "is to bolster the competitiveness of Dubai's private sector on a global scale. This mission creates a platform to unlock access to rewarding opportunities for Dubai companies, not just regionally, but internationally as well. "

This targeted approach aligns with Dubai's long-standing vision of establishing itself as a premier global trade hub. By fostering strong ties with high-growth markets like Senegal and Morocco, the Dubai International Chamber paves the way for increased trade flows, foreign investment, and ultimately, Dubai's continued economic diversification and prosperity.

Senegal, with its burgeoning agricultural sector, thriving tourism industry, and strategic geographic location, presents a compelling investment proposition for Dubai-based companies. Morocco, too, boasts a dynamic economy with robust potential in sectors like aluminum, fruits and nuts, alongside established strengths in agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, and tourism. The trade mission aims to capitalize on these strengths, fostering partnerships that will benefit both sides.

The Dubai International Chamber's "New Horizons" initiative serves as a testament to Dubai's commitment to forging strategic partnerships across the globe. By facilitating these connections and empowering local businesses to venture into new markets, the initiative serves as a key driver of Dubai's economic growth and its ambitions as a leading center for international trade.

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