Teenage Engineering's CM-15 Aims for Portability and Pristine Audio

Swedish company Teenage Engineering has carved a niche in the music production world with its innovative and often unconventional instruments. Their latest offering, the CM-15 microphone, takes aim at the portable studio market, promising high-fidelity sound in a package designed for on-the-go creators.

The CM-15 boasts a large-diaphragm condenser capsule, a technology typically found in professional studio mics. This translates to rich, detailed audio capture, ideal for vocals, instruments, and even field recordings. Unlike its bulkier brethren, however, the CM-15 is built for mobility. Its sleek aluminum chassis is lightweight and compact, easily fitting into a backpack or even a large pocket.

One of the CM-15's key strengths is its versatility. The microphone can be powered in three ways:via its internal battery, a USB-C connection, or through a mini-XLR port. This flexibility allows creators to use the CM-15 with a variety of setups, from laptops and tablets to dedicated audio interfaces. The built-in battery offers up to ten hours of recording time, making it perfect for capturing audio on location without scrambling for an outlet.

The CM-15 also boasts a built-in kickstand, eliminating the need for a separate microphone stand in many situations. This further emphasizes the microphone's portability and allows for quick setup times. For creators who prefer a more traditional setup, the CM-15 is compatible with standard microphone stands as well.

On the audio front, the CM-15 offers a cardioid polar pattern, which means it primarily picks up sound from the source directly in front of it. This helps to minimize unwanted background noise, ensuring clear and focused recordings. The microphone also features a three-stage gain control knob for adjusting the input level directly on the device, a welcome feature for creators who need to make adjustments on the fly.

Teenage Engineering is known for its commitment to design, and the CM-15 is no exception. The microphone sports a minimalist aesthetic that complements the company's other products. The brushed aluminum chassis feels both sturdy and stylish, and the controls are intuitive and easy to use.

While the CM-15 offers a compelling feature set for mobile creators, its price tag may give some pause. At $1, 199, the microphone falls into the high-end range, putting it out of reach for casual hobbyists. However, for professional and semi-professional musicians, podcasters, and videographers who value portability and pristine audio quality, the CM-15 could be a valuable addition to their recording arsenal.

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