Supermodel Sparkles in Dubai-Made Jewels at Fragrance Debut

Bella Hadid, the ever-stylish supermodel, added a touch of Dubai glamour to the launch of her own beauty brand, Ôrəbella. Hadid opted to accessorize her elegant outfit with pieces from the Dubai-based jewelry atelier, Maison H Jewels.

The model wasn't shy about showcasing her appreciation for the brand. Maison H took to their social media platforms to share photos of Hadid sporting their creations, captioning her as an "iconic MHJ girl. " The photos offered close-up views of the statement rings adorning Hadid's fingers, all from Maison H's captivating "Skin" collection.

According to the brand's website, the "Skin" collection boasts pieces meticulously crafted to resemble "molten gold that has delicately flowed and solidified on your skin. " This description perfectly complements Hadid's overall look, which exuded a soft, luxurious air.

This wasn't the first time Hadid had turned to Maison H to elevate her press tour style for Ôrəbella's launch. Throughout various appearances, the model consistently incorporated the brand's eye-catching rings into her ensembles. This brand loyalty not only highlights Hadid's personal fashion preferences but also casts a spotlight on the unique design aesthetic of Maison H.

Founded in 2001 by two South African designers, Maison H has carved a niche for itself within the world of fine jewelry. The Dubai-based atelier prides itself on the exceptional quality and design of its diamond pieces. Hadid's choice to wear Maison H speaks volumes about the brand's ability to capture the attention of the fashion world's elite.

The pairing of Hadid and Maison H proved to be a match made in fashion heaven. Hadid's undeniable star power, coupled with Maison H's exquisite craftsmanship, resulted in a visually captivating display that generated a significant amount of buzz for both the fragrance launch and the Dubai-based jewelry brand.

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