Foundation Laid for Jeddah Central Stadium Project

The groundwork for a sporting landmark in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has been completed ahead of schedule. The Saudi branch of the Shanghai-headquartered Geoharbour Group announced the successful finishing of the first phase of foundation works for the Jeddah Central Stadium project. This significant milestone paves the way for the construction of the colossal stadium, envisioned as a centerpiece of the Jeddah Central development.

The Jeddah Central Stadium project is a cornerstone of an ambitious development plan encompassing a 5. 7 square kilometer area. This large-scale initiative includes the construction of 17, 000 residential units, 2, 700 hotel keys, an opera house, a museum, an oceanarium, and the crown jewel – the Jeddah Central Stadium.

The stadium itself is designed to be a marvel of modern engineering. Boasting a capacity of 46, 000 spectators, it will feature a unique seven-story structure above ground, complemented by two additional underground floors. Spectator comfort will be paramount, with the stadium outfitted with a state-of-the-art air conditioning system and a retractable roof. Further embracing sustainability, the roof will be powered by solar energy, showcasing Saudi Arabia's commitment to clean technology.

The design and engineering of this architectural marvel is a collaborative effort between international leaders in their respective fields. The renowned German architectural firm gmp International secured the design contract in 2022, while the engineering contract was awarded to the prestigious firm Khatib & Alami. Construction of the stadium itself is being undertaken by Beijing-headquartered China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) in partnership with the local Sama Construction for Trading & Contracting. Geoharbour Group's successful completion of the foundation works signifies a critical step forward for CRCC to begin the main construction phase.

The early completion of the foundation works is a testament to the dedication and expertise of all parties involved. This achievement serves as a positive indicator for the project's overall timeline, with construction still on track for completion by 2026. Upon completion, the Jeddah Central Stadium is poised to become a not only a premier sporting venue but also a symbol of Jeddah's progressive spirit and commitment to innovation.

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