Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Kalima Project Bridge Cultures at Arab-Chinese Symposium

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, a prestigious prize recognizing excellence in Arabic literature, and the Kalima Project, a translation initiative promoting Arab culture globally, joined forces to foster dialogue between Arab and Chinese civilizations at a recent symposium. The symposium, titled "Arab and Chinese Civilizations:Dialogue Through Culture, " brought together scholars, educators, and cultural figures from both regions to explore historical and contemporary connections between the Arab world and China.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, established in Abu Dhabi by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, is known as the "Arab World's Nobel Prize in Literature. " Its participation in the symposium highlighted the role of literature in bridging cultural divides. Award organizers presented the award's categories, which encompass various fields of Arabic writing, emphasizing how these categories showcase the rich tapestry of Arab cultural expression. They also discussed the award's growing international reach, with submissions now received from over 50 countries, including China.

The Kalima Project, another key participant, shed light on its efforts to translate Arabic literature into Chinese and vice versa. Representatives spoke about the project's success in introducing Chinese audiences to Arabic classics and contemporary works, fostering a deeper understanding of Arab experiences and perspectives. The symposium featured a panel discussion on the importance of translation in cultural exchange, with translators and scholars from both Arab and Chinese backgrounds sharing their insights on the challenges and rewards of this vital bridge between languages and cultures.

The symposium wasn't just about scholarly exchange. Cultural performances also played a role, with traditional music and dance presentations showcasing the artistic traditions of both regions. The rhythmic energy of Arabic dabke dance routines intertwined with the elegance of Chinese opera, creating a vibrant display of cultural exchange.

This collaboration between the Sheikh Zayed Book Award and the Kalima Project reflects a growing recognition of the importance of cultural bridges between the Arab world and China. With economic and political ties flourishing between the two regions, fostering deeper cultural understanding is becoming increasingly crucial. The symposium served as a valuable platform to nurture this understanding and pave the way for a future of enriched cultural exchange.

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