Sheikh Maktoum Selects New Leader for Awqaf Department

In a move that strengthens the leadership of Dubai's Islamic affairs sector, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the former Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai, appointed Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmed Hamad Al Shaibani as the new Director General of Dubai's Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Department. The appointment was announced via decree number 20 of 2002, which also stipulated that Al Shaibani would be placed on a special salary scale. The decision came into effect on December 9, 2002.

Al Shaibani's qualifications for the role were substantial. He possessed a doctorate degree in Islamic Philosophy and History of Religions, indicating a deep understanding of the religious principles that underpin Awqaf, a department responsible for managing endowments and charitable trusts in accordance with Islamic law. His prior experience also stood out. He had served as the director of the Dubai Medical Zone from 1983 to 1998, demonstrating his administrative capabilities and experience managing a large organization.

The Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Department plays a critical role in Dubai's social and religious fabric. It is tasked with overseeing mosques, Islamic centers, and cemeteries, ensuring their proper maintenance and operation. Additionally, the department manages Awqaf funds, which are used to support various charitable causes, such as providing aid to the needy, funding educational institutions, and promoting Islamic scholarship.

Sheikh Maktoum's selection of Al Shaibani signaled his commitment to strengthening these vital functions. Al Shaibani's background in Islamic scholarship would be invaluable in ensuring that Awqaf activities adhered to Islamic principles. Furthermore, his administrative experience would be crucial in effectively managing the department's resources and operations.

The appointment was met with approval from various sectors of Dubai's society. Religious leaders hailed Al Shaibani's qualifications and expressed confidence in his ability to lead the Awqaf department effectively. Community members welcomed the selection of a leader with a strong understanding of Islamic principles and administrative expertise.

Al Shaibani's appointment marked a new chapter for Dubai's Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Department. His leadership would be instrumental in ensuring that the department continued to fulfill its essential role in serving the religious and social needs of the emirate's residents.

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