Sharjah Unveils New Collection of Marduf al-Qawasim Coins

Sharjah has unveiled a significant archaeological discovery – a new collection of Marduf al-Qawasim coins. This marks the first public display of these coins, offering a tangible glimpse into the economic and political history of the Al Qasimi rulers.

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority (SAA) announced the discovery, highlighting the historical importance of the coins. Made from copper, the Marduf al-Qawasim were the currency used during the reign of the Al Qasimi dynasty. The newly discovered collection features coins minted across various eras, ranging from the early rule of Sheikh Saleh Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Bin Saleh Al Qasimi in the 17th century to the reign of Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qasimi in the 19th century.

The coins themselves are relatively simple in design, reflecting the standard coinage of the Islamic era. They are typically round and feature basic inscriptions. However, their historical value lies in the names of the Al Qasimi monarchs etched onto them. These inscriptions serve as a record of the rulers who wielded power during this period.

The discovery of the Marduf al-Qawasim coins sheds light on the economic activity that unfolded under the Al Qasimi leadership. The coins were likely used in everyday transactions, facilitating trade and commerce within the region. Numismatic experts believe that a detailed analysis of the coins could reveal vital information about the monetary system in place during the Al Qasimi era.

The unveiling of the coins by the SAA has generated excitement among historians and archaeologists. The collection offers a unique opportunity to study the Al Qasimi dynasty through the lens of their currency. Researchers hope to glean valuable insights into the economic policies and trade networks that existed during this period.

The public display of the Marduf al-Qawasim coins also holds significance for the cultural heritage of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates. The coins serve as a physical link to the past, providing a tangible connection to a bygone era. Understanding the history behind these coins can foster a deeper appreciation for the region's cultural identity.

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority plans to conduct further research on the newly discovered coins. This will involve a meticulous examination of the inscriptions, design elements, and physical properties of the coins. The findings of this research are expected to add significantly to our knowledge of the Al Qasimi dynasty and the economic landscape of the region during their rule.

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