Sharjah Investment Authority Makes Sustainable Strides at Arabian Travel Market

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is grabbing attention at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) for its commitment to fostering sustainable travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This year marks Shurooq's 17th consecutive participation at ATM, and their focus aligns perfectly with the event's theme:"Empowering Innovation:Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship. "

Shurooq is showcasing how its portfolio of ecotourism destinations and high-end hospitality ventures is propelling the region's sustainable travel sector forward. By introducing innovative experiences for environmentally conscious travelers and fostering opportunities for small businesses, the Authority is paving the way for a more responsible travel industry.

Shurooq's CEO, Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, emphasized the company's dedication to sustainable investments, particularly within the travel industry, at the ATM. "The theme strongly resonates with Shurooq's commitment, " Al Qaseer remarked.

Shurooq's impactful and mindful project design and implementation are on full display at the event. These projects promote sustainable tourism that celebrates local culture and products. Visitors to the Shurooq booth can embark on an immersive journey through the company's sustainable, ecotourism, and luxury hospitality offerings using cutting-edge storytelling and multimedia technologies. The booth is divided into designated zones to encourage dialogue, networking, and industry exchange.

Shurooq's participation is part of the larger "Sharjah Showcase" led by the Sharjah Tourism and Commerce Development Authority (SCTDA). The showcase highlights the emirate's diverse tourism offerings, with Shurooq playing a leading role in its dedication to sustainable development.

Shurooq's commitment to sustainable travel extends beyond the walls of the ATM. The Authority is actively involved in developing ecotourism destinations throughout Sharjah, such as the Al Noor Island, a captivating natural sanctuary featuring a butterfly house, a sustainability education center, and lush gardens. Additionally, Shurooq is behind the creation of the eco-lodge Kingfisher Resort, a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking a unique and environmentally responsible getaway.

By showcasing its dedication to sustainable travel at ATM, Shurooq is not only promoting its own projects but also inspiring others to embrace a more responsible approach to tourism development in the region. The Authority's efforts are contributing to a future where travel can be both enriching and environmentally conscious.

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