Saudi Aramco Secures Pipes for Water Project in $49. 6 Million Deal

Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil giant of Saudi Arabia, has struck a deal worth $49. 6 million with Group Five Pipe Saudi Co. for the supply of crucial pipeline components. Group Five Pipe, a UAE-based manufacturer specializing in spiral-welded steel pipes, will provide the oil giant with large diameter pipes for a water transmission project.

The details of the project itself remain undisclosed by Saudi Aramco. However, the contract specifies the supply of spiral-welded steel pipes with a significant diameter of 48 inches and a wall thickness of 19. 0 millimeters. These specifications point towards a heavy-duty pipeline designed for large-scale water transmission.

This agreement marks a significant development for Group Five Pipe Saudi Co. The company, listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), is set to see the financial impact of the deal reflected in its second quarter of 2025. The contract comes as the second major one for Group Five Pipe this year, following a SAR 3 billion deal signed with the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in late March.

The deal between Saudi Aramco and Group Five Pipe highlights the growing importance of water infrastructure projects in the region. With arid climates and a rising population, Saudi Arabia is actively seeking solutions to ensure a sustainable water supply. Large-scale water transmission pipelines play a vital role in this strategy, enabling the transportation of desalinated seawater or treated water from source locations to areas of demand.

Analysts suggest that the contract awarded to Group Five Pipe could be a sign of further investments in water infrastructure projects by Saudi Aramco. The oil giant has previously emphasized its commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Investing in water security aligns with these goals and ensures a reliable source of water for both industrial operations and municipal needs.

The use of spiral-welded steel pipes in this project offers several advantages. This pipe manufacturing technique creates a high-strength and cost-effective product suitable for large-diameter pipelines. The spiral welding process allows for continuous production, resulting in longer pipes that require fewer joints. This reduces construction time and minimizes leakage risks.

Looking ahead, the successful conclusion of this deal paves the way for further collaboration between Saudi Aramco and Group Five Pipe. As Saudi Arabia prioritizes water security and expands its water infrastructure, Group Five Pipe is well-positioned to benefit from these developments. The company's expertise in manufacturing high-quality steel pipes could see them playing a significant role in future water transmission projects undertaken by the oil giant.

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