Public Urged to Avoid Unlicensed Taxis in Dubai

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a public advisory urging residents and tourists to refrain from using unlicensed passenger transport vehicles. The RTA highlighted the safety risks associated with such vehicles, emphasizing the lack of proper insurance coverage and driver qualifications.

Unlicensed taxis, often identified by dented or poorly maintained exteriors, frequently operate by soliciting fares on the streets or through online platforms that lack regulatory oversight. The allure of potentially lower fares compared to licensed taxis can be tempting, but the RTA maintains that these savings come at a significant cost.

One of the primary concerns is the absence of comprehensive insurance for unlicensed vehicles. In the event of an accident, passengers in unlicensed taxis may be left financially vulnerable, facing difficulties covering medical expenses or vehicle repairs. Licensed taxis, on the other hand, are mandated to carry RTA-approved insurance that safeguards both passengers and drivers in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, the qualifications of drivers operating unlicensed vehicles are often dubious. Without proper background checks and mandatory training programs, the RTA cannot guarantee the competency or safe driving practices of these individuals. Passengers entrusting their safety to unlicensed taxis expose themselves to the risk of reckless driving and a potentially higher chance of accidents.

The RTA has urged the public to report sightings of unlicensed taxis through its official channels. A dedicated hotline and online reporting system allow individuals to provide details about the vehicle, including license plate numbers and descriptions, which are then investigated by RTA inspectors.

Ridesharing apps that operate legally within Dubai offer a safe and convenient alternative to both traditional taxis and unlicensed services. These apps provide users with transparent pricing structures, verifiable driver profiles, and real-time trip tracking features, ensuring a secure and accountable transportation experience.

The RTA's campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of unlicensed taxis underscores its commitment to passenger safety on Dubai's roads. By encouraging the public to make informed choices and utilize regulated transportation services, the RTA aims to create a safer and more reliable transportation network for residents and visitors alike.

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