Presidential Advisor Praises UAE President's Support for Palestine

Ali Al Hashimi, the Religious and Judicial Affairs Advisor at the Presidential Court of the United Arab Emirates, delivered a speech at the Zayed Centre for Cultural Foundation (ZCCF) on November 21, 2002. In his address, Al Hashimi commended Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE's President, for his unwavering commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause.

Al Hashimi highlighted Sheikh Zayed's dedication to serving the Arab and Muslim world, emphasizing his efforts to promote the values of justice and Arab unity. He stated that the President's primary focus remained on strengthening cooperation and fostering bonds of love and kinship among Arab and Muslim nations. Al Hashimi underlined Sheikh Zayed's belief in peaceful coexistence, portraying the UAE as "a nation of peace where friends and foes co-exist enjoying peace and justice. "

The advisor commended the Palestinian people's resilience and sacrifices in defending the integrity of the Islamic nation. He elaborated on Sheikh Zayed's pledge to rebuild the Jenin refugee camp and construct 5, 000 houses for Palestinians affected by the conflict. Al Hashimi further emphasized the President's commitment to restoring the Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque and the Church of the Nativity, both of which had sustained damage during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He stressed Sheikh Zayed's unwavering belief that houses of worship should be respected and protected during times of war and peace.

Al Hashimi's speech underscored the UAE's prominent role in advocating for peace and stability in the Middle East. His remarks highlighted Sheikh Zayed's leadership in promoting humanitarian initiatives and fostering solidarity with the Palestinian people. The speech resonated with the ZCCF's mission of promoting cultural understanding and fostering dialogue between different communities.

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