Omani Partnership Secures License for Tanzania's Largest Onshore Gas Field

A joint venture led by Oman's ARA Petroleum has been awarded a 25-year development license for the Ntorya Gas Field, the largest onshore gas reserve in Tanzania. The announcement, made by ARA Petroleum on behalf of the Ruvuma joint venture (Ruvuma JV), marks a significant step towards bolstering Tanzania's domestic gas supplies.

ARA Petroleum, a subsidiary of Oman's Zubair Corporation, established the Ruvuma JV in 2014. The joint venture operator, ARA Petroleum Tanzania Limited (APT), will oversee the development of the Ntorya Gas Field. The license, granted by Tanzania's Ministry of Energy, paves the way for APT to initiate production within the next year, prioritizing the supply of natural gas to the Tanzanian market.

"We are thrilled to receive this license from the Ministry of Energy, " said Erhan Saygi, General Manager of APT. "Our gratitude extends to all Tanzanian agencies that played a vital role in reaching this critical milestone. We are prepared to commence development work immediately to expedite bringing this onshore project to production. "

The development of the Ntorya Gas Field is anticipated to enhance Tanzania's energy security and independence. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to traditional options like coal, and its utilization is expected to contribute to Tanzania's environmental goals. The project is also expected to generate significant economic benefits, creating job opportunities and stimulating growth within the domestic energy sector.

The award of the license signifies the culmination of collaborative efforts between Omani and Tanzanian entities. ARA Petroleum's expertise in hydrocarbon exploration and production, coupled with Tanzania's commitment to harnessing its natural resources, positions the project for success. The development of the Ntorya Gas Field is expected to usher in a new era of energy security and economic prosperity for Tanzania.

With the development license secured, APT is anticipated to move swiftly to finalize development plans and initiate construction activities. The project's progress will be closely monitored, with expectations of initial gas production commencing within the next 12 months. The successful development of the Ntorya Gas Field has the potential to serve as a model for future collaborations between Oman and Tanzania, fostering economic partnerships and ensuring energy security in the region.

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