NYUAD and Family Care Authority Join Forces to Uplift Social Work Expertise

The Family Care Authority (FCA) in Abu Dhabi has joined forces with New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) to launch a groundbreaking initiative - the Case Management Professional Development Program. This program signifies a new chapter in social work education within the UAE. The program, led by NYU's Silver School of Social Work, a world-renowned institution in the field, aims to equip FCA's case managers with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. This will elevate their expertise and position them among the most qualified social workers globally.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both institutions. NYU's Silver School of Social Work is venturing into its first social sector partnership within the UAE. For the FCA, the program reflects its unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to realizing the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy. By investing in this world-class program, the FCA is empowering its workforce to deliver exceptional care to Abu Dhabi's families.

The tailored program will provide FCA's case managers with in-depth training on various aspects of case management. This includes assessment and intervention strategies, client engagement techniques, and navigating complex social service systems. The program will also emphasize cultural competency, ensuring that FCA's case managers are well-equipped to serve Abu Dhabi's diverse population.

Dr. Bushra Al Mulla, Director-General of FCA, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership. She stated that this collaboration serves as a testament to the FCA's dedication to fostering excellence within its organization. Dr. Al Mulla went on to highlight that the program is a significant step towards achieving the goals outlined in the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy. By equipping its case managers with world-class training, the FCA is confident in its ability to deliver superior services to Abu Dhabi's families.

Arlie Petters, Provost at NYU Abu Dhabi, echoed Dr. Al Mulla's sentiments. He expressed NYUAD's delight in solidifying its partnership with the FCA. This collaboration, according to Petters, opens doors for groundbreaking research, fosters innovation in addressing family care challenges, and strengthens collaboration between the institutions. NYUAD's unwavering commitment to research and community engagement aligns perfectly with the FCA's mission to empower families, children, and youth, and enhance the existing family care model. Through this initiative, NYUAD and the FCA aim to cultivate talent, develop innovative solutions, and contribute meaningfully to the social well-being of the UAE.

The Case Management Professional Development Program is a promising initiative that has the potential to significantly enhance the quality of social work services in Abu Dhabi. By equipping FCA's case managers with world-class training and expertise, the program will enable them to deliver exceptional care to the families they serve. This collaboration between NYUAD and the FCA paves the way for a future where Abu Dhabi's families can access the highest quality of social support.

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