New Reserves Found in Sharjah's Hadiba Field

The Emirate of Sharjah has cause to celebrate after announcing the discovery of new natural gas reserves in its onshore Hadiba field. Located north of the Al Sajaa Industrial Area, initial estimates suggest the presence of "promising economic quantities" of gas, according to a statement released by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.

The discovery is the result of a well drilled by the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) over the past few months. While the exact volume of recoverable gas remains undetermined, the find is significant for Sharjah, marking its second major natural gas discovery in four years.

Further testing of the well is planned in the coming days to determine the full extent of the reserves and assess their development potential. This process will involve evaluating factors like gas flow rate and pressure to provide a clearer picture of the field's viability.

The Hadiba discovery adds another chapter to Sharjah's growing oil and gas narrative. Previously, the emirate relied primarily on the Al-Saja'a, Kahif, Mahani, and Muayed fields. The Mahani field, discovered in 2020 through a partnership between SNOC and Italian oil giant Eni, marked Sharjah's first onshore gas discovery in over three decades.

Sharjah's newfound gas reserves are well-timed, given the current global energy climate. The ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war has disrupted energy supplies worldwide, pushing prices to record highs. Natural gas, a cleaner-burning alternative to traditional fuels like coal, is increasingly seen as a critical component of the global energy mix.

The discovery offers Sharjah the potential to bolster its domestic energy security while also exploring export opportunities. The additional gas reserves could contribute to powering the emirate's growing industries and reducing its reliance on external energy sources.

Furthermore, the find could attract further investment in Sharjah's oil and gas sector. The successful exploration of the Hadiba field demonstrates Sharjah's commitment to developing its domestic energy resources and its potential as a reliable energy partner.

While the full economic impact of the Hadiba discovery remains to be seen, it undoubtedly represents a positive development for Sharjah. The additional gas reserves offer the emirate the opportunity to strengthen its energy independence, fuel its economic growth, and potentially emerge as a significant player in the regional energy market.

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