National Bonds Strengthens Investment Options for DIFC Employees

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) employees enrolled in the DEWS (DIFC Employee Workplace Savings) Plan will now have access to National Bonds' Sharia-compliant savings and investment products. This strategic partnership between the UAE's leading Sharia-compliant financial institution and DIFC's employee savings program was announced on May 20, 2024.

The inclusion of National Bonds as an investment option for DEWS participants is expected to provide them with a secure and rewarding way to grow their end-of-service savings. National Bonds offers competitive anticipated monthly returns, allowing employees to potentially accumulate a larger nest egg upon leaving their DIFC employment.

DEWS members opting for National Bonds will also be enrolled in the company's renowned AED 35. 5 million rewards program. This program, which currently benefits over 15, 000 customers through the Golden Pension Plan initiative, offers participants the chance to win exciting prizes. The addition of National Bonds to the DEWS program comes at a time of significant growth for the investment firm. National Bonds reported crossing a milestone of AED 14 billion (US$3. 8 billion) in its investment portfolio by December 2023. This achievement highlights the company's strong financial standing and its commitment to providing secure investment opportunities for its clients.

The collaboration between National Bonds and DIFC is mutually beneficial. National Bonds gains access to a wider pool of potential investors, while DIFC strengthens the DEWS program by offering its members a diversified range of investment options. This partnership aligns with DIFC's commitment to fostering a robust financial ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of its employees.

By providing DIFC employees with access to Sharia-compliant investment options, National Bonds is contributing to the financial wellbeing of Dubai's workforce. The competitive returns and rewards programs offered by National Bonds make it an attractive option for employees seeking to grow their savings and achieve their financial goals. This partnership is a positive development for both National Bonds and DIFC, as it expands investment opportunities for employees and reinforces Dubai's position as a leading financial hub.

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