Muslim Council of Elders Discusses Women's Rights at Book Fair

The Muslim Council of Elders (MCE) delved into the topic of women's rights during a seminar held at their pavilion at the 2024 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF).The session,titled "Reading of the book 'Concern for Female Rights,'" aimed to shed light on Islamic legal perspectives concerning women and emphasize their rights within the religion's framework.

Dr.Ahmed Abdulaziz Al Haddad,a representative of the MCE,addressed the audience,highlighting the significance of publications in promoting Islamic values and fostering tolerance and respect within society.He specifically noted the importance of the book "Concern for Female Rights," which according to Dr.Al Haddad,clarifies Islamic legal rulings on women and underscores their rights.

The MCE's participation in the ADIBF extends beyond the single seminar.The council's pavilion boasts a collection of over 220 publications in five languages,including 22 new releases that tackle critical intellectual issues.The focus of these publications aligns with the broader themes explored at the MCE pavilion,which include dialogue,tolerance,coexistence,youth empowerment,peacebuilding,and environmental stewardship.

The ADIBF serves as a significant platform for the MCE to promote understanding and knowledge sharing.The council's pavilion also features an Arabic calligraphy corner and offers a variety of entertainment activities geared towards children.This multifaceted approach reflects the MCE's commitment to engaging with a diverse audience and fostering a culture of learning and exchange.

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