Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Drives Over 1,000 Kilometers on Single Charge

Mercedes-Benz has achieved a new milestone in electric vehicle range with its Vision EQXX concept car.The car successfully completed a long-distance trip from Riyadh,Saudi Arabia to Dubai,United Arab Emirates,on a single battery charge.The distance of the trip was over 1,010 kilometers (627.6 miles),showcasing the potential of electric car technology for long journeys.

The journey took 14 hours and 42 minutes,with the Vision EQXX arriving in Dubai with an impressive 309 kilometers (192 miles) of remaining range.This translates to an exceptional energy efficiency rating of 7.4 kWh/100 km,which signifies that the car is remarkably adept at consuming minimal energy while traveling long distances.

The route for the trip included a variety of terrains,encompassing urban areas of Riyadh and Dubai with stop-and-go traffic,suburban stretches,and long highway sections crossing the vast Arabian desert.The desert presented a unique challenge with temperatures reaching up to 34 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit).However,the Vision EQXX's advanced thermal management system effectively kept the battery and cabin cool,ensuring optimal performance throughout the journey.

This accomplishment marks the third successful long-distance trip for the Vision EQXX.Previously,the car had conquered journeys exceeding 1,000 kilometers on single charges in Europe.The latest trip in the desert demonstrates the car's ability to perform exceptionally well even in extreme heat conditions.

The data and findings from this trip will be valuable for Mercedes-Benz as they develop future electric vehicle platforms.The focus will be on maximizing efficiency and ensuring that electric cars can seamlessly integrate into long-distance travel plans,potentially reducing range anxiety among consumers.

Mercedes-Benz has not announced any plans to bring the Vision EQXX into production as it is a concept car designed for testing purposes.However,the technology and advancements showcased in this car are expected to pave the way for future electric vehicles from the German automaker,potentially bringing longer range and improved efficiency to their electric car lineup.

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