Menassah Champions Local Literature on Global Stage

Menassah,an initiative launched by the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA),is amplifying the voices of Emirati authors by promoting their latest works at a series of local and international book fairs.This commitment to showcasing Emirati literature shines a light on the country's vibrant literary scene and fosters cultural exchange between the UAE and the wider world.

Menassah's efforts have been instrumental in bringing Emirati books to a wider audience.At the recent Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF),Menassah hosted a dedicated stand brimming with an array of new releases by Emirati authors.This comprehensive selection encompassed a diverse range of genres,from captivating novels and insightful biographies to engaging children's literature.The stand proved to be a popular destination for fairgoers,with visitors eager to explore the rich tapestry of Emirati stories.

Menassah's reach extends beyond the borders of the UAE.At the recently concluded Tunis International Book Fair,Menassah participated with a dedicated stand,introducing Tunisian readers to the wonders of Emirati literature.This participation marks a significant step in fostering cultural bridges between the UAE and Tunisia,allowing readers to discover new perspectives and broaden their literary horizons.

Menassah's dedication extends beyond simply showcasing books.The initiative actively organizes author meet-and-greet sessions and panel discussions,providing a platform for Emirati authors to engage with readers and share their creative journeys.These interactive sessions offer a unique opportunity for readers to gain a deeper understanding of the themes explored within the books and connect with the authors on a personal level.

Menassah's efforts are not just about promoting books; they are about nurturing a love for reading and celebrating the creativity of Emirati authors.By making Emirati literature more accessible to both local and international audiences,Menassah is playing a pivotal role in shaping the UAE's cultural landscape and propelling Emirati voices onto the global literary stage.

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