Masdar City Gears Up for Wheels with New Mega Pump Track

Masdar City, a beacon of sustainable urban living in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a new crown jewel for cycling, skateboarding, and wheel-based recreation enthusiasts – the largest pump track in the region. Nestled within the lush confines of Masdar Park, this sprawling 7, 500-square-meter facility is not just a haven for riders of all skill levels, but also a testament to Masdar City's commitment to environmentally conscious design.

The pump track itself is a labyrinth of winding rollers, banked turns, and strategically placed rest areas, all bathed in welcome shade. Designed in collaboration with renowned Swiss track builders Velosolutions, the three tracks offer a thrilling experience for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Notably, the design ensures inclusivity, catering to wheelchair users and those with disabilities through its accessible features, making it a truly community-oriented recreational space.

Sustainability sits at the core of this project, mirroring Masdar City's ethos. The track itself is constructed using recycled construction waste from previous development endeavors within Masdar City. This resourceful approach diverted tons of material from landfills and breathed new life into it. Additionally, the builders opted for liquid natural clay (LNC) for the track surface. This innovative material offers superior performance while significantly reducing water usage compared to traditional methods.

The Masdar Park pump track is more than just a place to hone riding skills or get a quick adrenaline rush. It's a vibrant social hub designed to foster a sense of community among cyclists, skateboarders, and rollerbladers. The varied difficulty levels of the tracks allow riders of all ages and experience levels to participate, creating a space for friendly competition, mutual encouragement, and shared passion for wheels.

Furthermore, the pump track complements Masdar City's existing network of cycling paths, creating a more comprehensive cycling infrastructure within the city. This not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but also promotes eco-friendly transportation choices, aligning with Masdar City's vision for a sustainable future.

The inauguration of the pump track signifies another step forward in Masdar City's mission to create a vibrant and sustainable urban center. By offering world-class recreational facilities while remaining committed to environmental responsibility, Masdar City is setting a new standard for urban development in the region.

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