Libraries Remain Heartspaces for All Ages

Despite the ever-growing presence of digital media, physical libraries and their treasured collections continue to hold a special place in the hearts of people worldwide, according to a panel of experts attending the 15th Sharjah Children's Reading Festival (SCRF). The panelists, all distinguished figures in the world of literature and literacy, emphasized the enduring power of libraries to foster emotional connections with readers of all ages.

One panelist, a prominent figure in the publishing industry, highlighted the irreplaceable role of physical books in fostering a love of reading. She argued that the tactile experience of holding a book, turning its pages, and immersing oneself in the physical world of the narrative creates a unique connection that digital devices simply cannot replicate. This sentiment was echoed by another panelist, a renowned librarian, who underscored the importance of libraries as vibrant community centers. She cited the example of a library in Finland that incorporated spaces for creative activities like sports, sewing, and cooking classes, transforming the library into a multifaceted hub for social interaction and engagement.

The panelists also acknowledged the crucial role libraries play in education and knowledge dissemination. One panelist, an academic specializing in childhood development, stressed the importance of fostering a strong bond between parents and children. She emphasized that books provide a wonderful opportunity for this connection to develop. Reading together allows parents to engage with their children, discuss the stories, and create lasting memories. Libraries, with their vast collections and knowledgeable staff, become invaluable resources in this regard, providing families with access to a wealth of materials that can spark a love for learning at an early age.

The panelists' optimism regarding the future of libraries reflects a growing awareness of the unique value these institutions offer. In an age of digital overload, libraries provide a sanctuary – a place to disconnect from the constant barrage of electronic stimuli and reconnect with the joy of physical books and the power of human imagination. As the world hurtles ever-forward into the digital age, libraries stand firm as guardians of the timeless tradition of reading, ensuring that the magic of stories continues to captivate readers of all ages for generations to come.

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