ISNR 2024 Concludes with Focus on Empowering Youth in Security

The 2024 International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) concluded in Abu Dhabi on May 23rd, marking the end of two days of intensive discussions on critical security challenges. Organized for the first time by the Ministry of Interior, Rabdan Academy, and ADNEC Group, the conference brought together leading decision-makers, security experts, and officials to delve into pressing issues in national security, policing, and crisis management.

A key highlight of the conference was the emphasis on fostering future leaders in the national security domain. The closing session, titled "Navigating the Nexus:Youth Leadership in National Security Through AI and Technology, " was led by Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Butti Al Hamed, Chairman of the National Media Office. This session explored how young people can be empowered through education and training in artificial intelligence (AI) and security technologies to contribute meaningfully to national resilience.

Throughout the conference, participants engaged in stimulating debates on a wide range of security topics. A case study presentation titled "Innovative Solutions in Cybersecurity and Their Impact on Regional and Global Stability" offered fresh perspectives on the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the potential of technological advancements to mitigate cyber threats. Discussions also centered on effective policing strategies, crisis management protocols, and the role of international collaboration in bolstering global security.

The ISNR 2024 conference served as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and fostering international partnerships in the field of national security. The emphasis on empowering young leaders with the latest technologies reflects a growing recognition of the importance of youth engagement in building a more secure future. The conference's outcomes are expected to contribute to the development of innovative security solutions and strategies that can effectively address the complex challenges of the 21st century.

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