Indonesia Cultivating Environmental Stewards at World Water Forum

Indonesia is set to champion its innovative Green School program, known as Adiwiyata, at the upcoming 10th World Water Forum. The forum, scheduled for May 18th-25th in Bali, Indonesia, serves as a global platform for stakeholders in water resource management to convene and discuss solutions. By showcasing Adiwiyata, Indonesia aims to highlight the critical role environmental education plays in fostering a generation of water-conscious citizens.

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry spearheads the Adiwiyata program, recognizing schools that demonstrably integrate environmental awareness into their curriculum and daily operations. Schools participating in the program incorporate environmental education into six core aspects:waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, biodiversity protection, healthy living, and participation. Schools that excel in these areas are designated as Adiwiyata schools.

"We will showcase to the world that through environmental education, we can cultivate empathy and inspire environmentally friendly behaviors in children at school, " remarked Sinta Saptarina Soemiarno, Head of Center for Environmental and Forestry Generation Development, at the Ministry.

The World Water Forum brings together government officials, parliamentarians, business leaders, and civil society organizations under the shared goal of ensuring sustainable water management practices. Indonesia's decision to highlight the Adiwiyata program reflects the growing recognition that behavioral change is a crucial element in addressing global water challenges.

By nurturing a culture of environmental responsibility from a young age, the Adiwiyata program empowers students to become active stewards of their water resources. Students participating in the program engage in hands-on activities such as rainwater harvesting, organic gardening, and waste reduction initiatives. These experiences not only equip them with practical skills but also foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment.

Indonesia's promotion of the Adiwiyata program at the World Water Forum is a strategic move. It positions Indonesia as a leader in environmental education and underscores the nation's commitment to sustainable water management practices. The Forum also provides Indonesia with a platform to share its experiences with the global community and inspire other countries to adopt similar initiatives.

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