Gulf Food Innovation poised for a quantum leap after 2024 Conference, says MBRGI CEO

The recent Food Innovation Conference 2024, held in Dubai, has been hailed by the CEO of the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Innovation (MBRGI), Yousef Hussain Al Sahass, as a pivotal moment for the food sector in the Gulf region.

Al Sahass, in a press statement released on Tuesday, praised the conference for bringing together key stakeholders from across the food industry, including policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and established corporations. This cross-pollination of ideas, he argued, would be instrumental in driving innovation and ensuring food security in the region.

"The Food Innovation Conference 2024 provided a unique platform for thought leaders to share their expertise and chart a course for the future of food in the Gulf region, " Al Sahass said. "The discussions centered around cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, vertical farming, and aquaculture, all of which have the potential to revolutionize the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. "

A particular focus of the conference was the role of technology in addressing the challenges of food security in the region. With a growing population and limited arable land, Gulf nations have been looking towards innovative solutions to ensure a steady supply of nutritious food.

Experts at the conference highlighted the potential of vertical farming to increase food production in urban areas. Vertical farms are indoor facilities that use artificial lighting and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) to cultivate crops. This method can yield significantly higher production rates than traditional farming methods and can be used to grow a wider variety of crops all year round.

Aquaculture, the farming of fish, shrimp, and other aquatic organisms, was also discussed as a promising avenue for increased food production. The conference heard about new technologies that are being developed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture operations.

In addition to technological innovation, the conference also emphasized the importance of sustainable agricultural practices. Speakers discussed ways to reduce water usage in agriculture and to minimize the environmental impact of food production.

The Food Innovation Conference 2024 was seen by many as a sign of the growing importance of the food sector in the Gulf region. The conference brought together a wealth of expertise and highlighted the potential for innovation to transform the way we think about food.

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